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Blossom coffee roasters are a new coffee roasters operating out of manchester. They are doing things differently. As a pending b-corp and being passionate about the environment they are doing all they can to bring coffee to your cup in the most socially and environmentally conscious way

an overwhelming public response to the global climate crisis.

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OK so not strictly people, but this commissioned shoot of these lovely dogs was all about capturing the relationship between dog and owner and Mother and Daughter.

Islay and Briea Photoshoot- Nov 2019 - 3

Glasgow Coffee Festival is Scotlands premier specialist coffee show set in the Briggait in Glasgows  East End. It has been running for a number of years and brings together the UKs top coffee industry suppliers and thinkers for a weekend of networking, tasting and information sharing.

a short trip to the west coast of scotland with folk i am fortunate enough to call friends

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