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Coffee With A Conscience - BLOSSOM COFFEE - GUEST BLOG

It gives me great pleasure to share a recent chat with andy farrington from blossom coffee. Blossom is all about making speciality coffee accessible whilst having as little environmental impact along the way. Here's some more from andy on what blossom is all about and some top business insights.

Please tell me about yourself:

Here at Blossom our ambition to source and roast the highest quality coffee

with the lowest possible environmental impact. Having both worked in the coffee industry for a little under a decade and become familiar with some of the unsustainable practices commonly used, we wanted to offer an alternative approach that is rooted in transparency and being kinder towards the planet. For us, this starts with inspiring more people to fall in love with speciality coffee and encouraging them to be part of a movement that helps to protect it

for future generations.

What does blossom stand for and care about most as a business and why should your customers care?

As with many of life’s luxuries we currently take for granted, coffee is facing a

challenging and uncertain future. Without an urgent and thoughtful shift in the way we buy and consume our morning pick-me-up we face a future in which we sit by and watch it disappear, disastrous for the estimated 800 million people who rely on the coffee chain for their livelihoods. Blossom is dedicated to lifting ‘speciality coffee’ outside of the niche bubble that it currently exists in and igniting conversations around the role our buying habits can play in protecting our natural environment. As a CarbonNeutral® company and B Corp Pending we have made commitments to keeping our environmental impact as low as possible, but we also believe that real change only comes from working together as part of a wider movement.

What is your top business tip?

As with anything in life, you will never have the time or capacity to be good at

everything – this is doubly true in business. Collaboration has been key to

getting Blossom off the ground and we have worked with an incredibly talented bunch, they have helped us shape and refine what we wanted the business to be but, most importantly, they have challenged us to better our practices and be bolder in our vision. Open up to your creative community – you’ll be surprised how much help is out there.

How does photography help your business?

‘Sustainability’ is a notoriously difficult topic to communicate so photography

has been vital in helping us convey some fairly complex environmental policies in an accessible and approachable way. For us, being able to tell a narrative through images has been the key to our social media campaigns and helps give the customer a personal connection with the brand, allowing them to put faces to the words being written and get a feel for the ‘lifestyle’ we want the business to embody.

And finally music says a lot about a person. What is on repeat for you

right now?

Work at the roastery can sometimes get a little repetitive on busy roast days so having a soundtrack that keeps energy levels high is essential. We’ve had the new Vulfpeck EP on repeat at the minute.

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